A sofa without a cushion is like a living room without a candle, a vase without flowers or windows without a curtain, it’s sad! If their necessity is no longer to be demonstrated, it is still necessary to choose them well. Which sofa cushions to adopt? And above all, how to decorate a sofa with cushions? Discover our 18 decoration ideas with each their selection!

How to decorate a sofa with cushions? 18 ideas with their selections

1. For a bohemian style, combine sizes and materials

Give your sofa a bohemian style by mixing tufted and jute cushions. Choose these throw pillows in boho colors like beige and creamy white. Lay them crosswise, in order of size, putting the smallest and softest ones first.

2. Adorn your light gray sofa with classy cushions in shades of dark gray

Is your living room style rather sober and designer? Decorate your modern light gray sofa with cushions in different shades of dark gray either plain or in designer shapes, such as a knot cushion.

3. Give your midnight blue sofa arty and pop accents

If you like the toned contemporary art style, you can decorate your dark-colored sofa with cushions in pop colors adorned with large embroidery or quirky slogans.

4. To decorate a sofa with cushions: also dare the opposite colors!

Complementary colors can also find a place in the marriage of your sofa with cushions. Here, pink and red cushions find their place on a khaki green sofa. How is it possible? Simply by keeping the same color family. In this case, all these colors have a slightly powdery vintage look that allows them to match.

5. Apply minimalism to a designer sofa: a single cushion

A designer sofa is a magnificent piece that should not be spoiled. To enhance it, do not hesitate to put a single design cushion on it, such as a ball cushion or a knot cushion in a color of the same tone.

6. Decorate in contrast: your white sofa with cocooning gray cushions

For those who like softness and design, your white sofa can accommodate wool cushions and others covered with sheepskin. Opt for colors that stand out while still matching the rest of your living room.

7. Revive a light gray sofa with cushions in watercolor prints

If your gray sofa seems a little too shy, add a multitude of cushions in watercolor or bright colors. You can choose pop prints and light slogans. Your living room will take a dose of freshness and positivity.

8. Velvet and complementary colors for your navy blue sofa

On a navy blue sofa, don’t hesitate to create contrasts with cushions in warm colours: mustard yellow, brick red and forest green. Remember that you can pair cushions in contrasting colors with your sofa as long as you stick to the same color family. The warm colors between them, the same for the cold colors or the powdery colors.

9. White and beige cocooning atmosphere for a cream sofa

Give the Scandinavian cocooning spirit to your living room by placing cushions that follow these codes on your white or cream sofa. In short, the cocooning style of your sofa will be given by cream and beige cushions, in wool and cotton. For an accomplished cozy look, don’t forget a big cozy knit plaid.

10. Vary the shapes and textures in powder pink

The cushions that decorate your sofa do not have to have the same shape. On the contrary, the variety of form will give relief. Do not hesitate to ask a chair pad, a small bolster and a large square cushion. Ditto for the materials: velvet can mix with plush cotton without risk.

11. Cushions in shades of gray on a charcoal sofa

Revive your anthracite sofa by placing cushions in all shades of white to black. Opt for plain and patterned models and lay them on all edges, always leaving at least one space completely free.

12. White knit cushions on a cream sofa

With knit cushions, your living room will become cozier. They will have to adapt to the shades of your sofa. That is to say, if your sofa is beige, you will have to opt for cream white, white or beige knit cushions. For a really warm and generous effect, plan at least 8 cushions on a 2 or 3 seater sofa.

13. A single arty beige cushion to decorate a forest green sofa

Simplicity is also efficiency. Thus, for a forest green design sofa, opt for a beautiful design cushion in an earthy color. Both will enhance each other.

14. Decorate your dusty pink sofa with a palette of pastel cushions

A sofa dressed in pastel-colored velvet will love cushions that look like it. Also, by choosing textured or fringed cushion covers, you will make your sofa more lively.

15. With plant print cushions, your gray sofa goes green!

A gray sofa can look a little austere. In this case, opt for cushions with plant or animal prints; they will quicken it. Prefer tropical-inspired patterns, they give a touch of exoticism.

16. Sea-Themed Cape

And if your art deco sofa invited you to take off? Popular in the 1990s, marine colors and prints recall the freshness and intensity of the ocean. The detail that makes the difference? A seashell cushion that will stand out.

17. Cozy cocooning atmosphere with wool cushions on your chaise longue

Your meridian invites you to relax; now invite you to rest with cozy wool cushions in shades of beige. Finally, to perfect the style, lay down a matching chunky-knit plaid.

18. It only takes 2 arty cushions to decorate your designer sofa

Finally, if you are looking for a soft decorative idea for your designer sofa, you can opt for two cushions with embroidery inspired by abstract art in neutral colours. Your sofa will be sublimated with discretion, and you can continue to admire its lines.

The advantage of cushions for the decoration of your sofa

The cushions are decorative elements that can be changed easily according to the desires and the seasons. If for the choice of the sofa, it is advisable to play the card of timelessness, for the cushions, you can show more fantasy. The good idea? Choose classic formats for the cushions and simply change the covers when you get tired of the old ones! Go for collections on homary.com!

What dimension(s)?

It depends on the size of your sofa. The larger it is, the more you can opt for XXL cushions. If the latter is of limited size, limit yourself to small cushions, at the risk of packing your sofa.

The good idea? Mix the dimensions of the cushions to create depth, relief and an interesting set of proportions. For example, you can make a row of large cushions and place a row of smaller cushions in front of them. Note that currently the trend favors an odd number of cushions over an even number.

What color?

  • The safest choice? Choose cushions in the same tone as the sofa or a tone above/below. The idea is to stay in the same shades of colors. A monochromatic look will create volume around your sofa. Note: this does not mean that your cushions must necessarily be plain.
  • The most audacious and reckless will dare contrasts. A green velvet sofa can be combined with old rose colored cushions. Peacock blue goes well with gray. If your seat is in a natural color (beige, grey, white, etc.), all colors and cushion patterns are authorized.
  • Are you between the two half-classic half-daring? Choose tone-on-tone cushions but with a somewhat unusual pattern. The typical example? A beige sofa with ethnic/bohemian cushions! The striped pattern in natural tones is another timeless and particularly trendy classic. The geometric print will fit into a living room with a lively decor. For a holiday feel, we recommend cushions with tropical motifs. Nothing like traveling from your couch!