UNIH Car Seat Toys for Baby Infant 6 Months and Up, Carseat Toys Adjustable with Baby Mirror and Hanging Squeaky Sensory Soft Baby Toys 6 to 12 Months (with Music)

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Product Description

baby cae seat toysbaby cae seat toys

UNIH is the toy brand that is based on the growth of children and the perspective of parents.

Everything is always evolving and changing. UNIH is now involved in the design of products through market research and audience feedback to ensure that all aspects of the product are as perfect as possible. The car seat toy is one of the first products that we have been involved in designing.Through the market feedback summary of our existing similar products and the sharing of parents and friends around. UNIH officially decided to design an upgraded version of the rear-facing seat toy on October 10, 2021. We found a manufacturer we often work with, and gave a picture version of the product style, including fabric selection, pattern and size. After the first sample came out, we first gave feedback to the manufacturer on the color of the product and other details that needed to be changed. After we received the second sample, we asked our colleagues with children of the right age and their friends to bring the products home for testing. On December 20, we finally decided on the final version. On January 21, 2022, the first batch of car seat toys were mass-produced for shipment. Now you see this product is the upgraded version of the rear-facing car seat toys that we have considered and tested many times.Products need feedback from customers so that we can continue to improve the product to give customers a better product experience. When you receive the product if you have any product questions or quality problems, Please give us your feedback, we will try our best to solve for you.

The cartoon little girl in product pattern is our company’s mascot: the sea urchin baby. We hope that every baby will be strong on the outside as they grow up, can protect themselves when facing external damage, and at the same time be kind and soft on the inside, like a sea urchin.

car seat toyscar seat toys

car seat toys car seat toys


A unique combination of high quality car seat toys and a colorful travel toy for fun, development and safety in one! For rear facing babies.

car seat toys car seat toys

car seat toys car seat toys The package including

Car seat toy*1Adjustable Buckle*1Soft Toys*3 (Sun, Star, Moon)Baby Safe Mirror*1Ring*5

Best Gift for Baby 6-12-18 Months

The car seat toy is specially designed for infants. Soft and skin-friendly fabric, so parents can rest assured. Adjustable length and angle design makes it easier for babies at different stages to reach the toy and play. Baby safety mirror easier to attract the baby’s attention. Sun, stars and moon three soft toys squeeze can be issued to attract the baby’s voice. Thoughtful design is when baby is tired of playing with these when you can change other toys at will to re-attract baby’s attention.

car seat toys

car seat toys

car seat toys

car seat toys

car seat toys

car seat toys

Removable & Replaceable Toys

The car seat toy with a baby safe mirror and three soft toy, which can be switched at will, and even replace other toys when the baby is tired of playing with these toys.

Soft Fabric & Color Illustrations

Forest animal concert as the theme of the interesting design, more attractive to the baby’s attention, you can kick and play at will on the soft fabric.

Adjustable Length & Angle

This baby toy has velcro on the back and adjustable buckles on the front, which makes it easy to adjust the length and angle, thus allowing the baby to easily reach and play.

The height of the product in the car can be adjusted according to the sticking length of the Velcro.

car seat toys car seat toys

【Rear Facing Car Seat Toy with Music】 Our car seat toy has a music box built into the back of the piano keys to help you distract your baby during long drives. (The music box is removable to turn off the sound)
【Promotes Sensory and Fine Motor Skills】 The infant toys with a baby safe mirror and kickable and playable 3 hanging soft toys that squeak when squeezed. Playing and grasping on soft toys promotes the development of your baby’s sensory and fine motor skills.
【Safe and Soft Fabric & Best Gift Toys】 The stroller toy is made of colorful, soft and skin-friendly fabrics, infants can play without worrying about contact with toys to hurt them. The baby travel toy is perfect gift for babies 6-12-18 and up months boys and girls. It will provide safe and fun car travel for families with infants.
【Upgraded Baby Hanging Toys for Car Seat】 Compared with other car seat toys, our products have the advantage: three suspension toys can be replaced at will, and the baby is tired of playing with other toys can be replaced.
【Easy Installation and Adjustment】 The car seat toy with velcro strips and adjustable buckle, which make it easy to adjust the length and angle so baby can do all the fun activities.

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