WHAT THE FLUFF?, Purr ‘n Fluff, Surprise Reveal Interactive Toy Pet with Over 100 Sounds and Reactions, Christmas Kids Toys for Girls Ages 5 and up

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(as of Mar 30,2023 11:11:28 UTC – Details)

Introducing What the Fluff: fluffy interactive pets looking for their fluff-ever home! These super cute toys for kids feature over 100 exciting sounds and reactions and have a surprise pet reveal! Hidden inside a soft pink fluff is Purr ‘n Fluff. Play with your shy and timid What the Fluff toy to encourage her out of hiding and earn her trust. You can pet, roll, shake, toss and turn her upside down – when your fluff is feeling more comfortable, she reveals her ears! Keep playing, and her eyes will peek out, too! Once Purr ‘n Fluff fully trusts you, you’ll hear the celebration song and she’ll transform from fluff to pet! As you play, you’ll unlock Purr ‘n Fluff’s sweet and silly personality. With so many sound effects and reactions, you never know what adorable response you’ll get! This little fluff loves to eat, roll, snuggle, dance, sing and more. There are so many ways to play in both fluff and pet mode! She purrs and coos when pet, giggles and wiggles when tickled and gets dizzy if shaken. Toss your new friend in the air or turn her upside down to see her somersault! In fluff mode, feed her and scare away hiccups, play a game and more. You can even have a dance party with your What the Fluff! Tilt your pet left and right to play music and touch Purr ‘n Fluff’s head to hear her sing. Shake, toss and tilt your pet for even more music sounds, like a cute high note! At any time, transform your What the Fluff pet back to fluff, or change from fluff to pet again and again. For more fluffy fun, look for What the Fluff Pupper-Fluff (sold separately)! What the Fluff toys are perfect for pretend play and make great birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or gifts for kids aged 5 and up for any occasion. Each What the Fluff measures approximately 7 in. in diameter. Includes 3 AA batteries. Discover the sweetest surprise with What the Fluff!
EARN HER TRUST FOR A SWEET SURPRISE: Pet, shake and toss your shy fluff to make her ears pop up and eyes peek out. Music plays when your What the Fluff toy fully trusts you, transforming from fluff to pet!
OVER 100 SOUNDS AND REACTIONS: Discover Purr ‘n Fluff’s sweet and silly personality! She purrs, giggles, wiggles, even does a somersault! Tickle her, scare away hiccups, feed her and so much more!
HAVE A DANCE PARTY: Purr ‘n Fluff loves to sing and dance! Tilt left and right and your pet will play music and dance. Touch her head to hear her sing! Shake, toss and tilt for more musical sounds!
REPEAT TRANSFORMATION: What the Fluff girls toys transform from fluff to pet and back to fluff, again and again! With so many sounds, reactions, and ways to play, they’re must-have gifts for girls!
SURPRISE TOYS FOR 5 YEAR OLD GIRLS AND UP: Interactive What the Fluff toys (each sold separately) are the perfect gifts for 5 year old girls and up who enjoy cute electronic pets and plush toys. Includes 3 AA batteries.
Includes: 1 What the Fluff, 1 Quick Start Guide, 1 Instruction Sheet
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