Pandaloon Dog and Pet Costume Set – AS SEEN ON Shark Tank – Walking Teddy Bear with Arms

Price: $36.00
(as of Mar 29,2023 10:24:23 UTC – Details)

Not a typical “medium”. Fits small-medium to medium dogs, depending on height. Check height from front paws to the TOP of the head. Costume covers from head to front paws, making the height and shoulder width the most important measurements.

Product Size Detail:
Size 3: Total height 17-19 inches (front paws to ears), Girth up to ~27 inches
Shoulder to shoulder width: Max 8 inches
Weight may vary widely, based on build, much like humans can vary in appearance despite being the same weight so please measure.
Broader shoulders like Frenchies, Pugs, Corgis etc usually need size 3 and up.
Happy Customer Examples: (Weight is not a guarantee of fit.)
Beagle 19 lbs
Bichon Frise 16 lbs
Boston Terrier 15 lbs
Cockapoo 16 lbs***
Corgi 24-30 lb
Frenchie 18-30 lbs
Havanese 16 lbs
Jack Russell Terrier 15 lbs
King Charles Cavalier 13 lbs
Min Pin 15 lbs
Mini Doodle 14 lbs***
Mini Schnauzer 18 lbs
Pug 16 lbs
Rat Terrier 19 lbs
Spaniel (smaller) 15 lbs
Westie 22 lbs
***Poodle mixes vary in height. Please measure/add length along neck. *Customer examples are not a guarantee that your dog has the same height and width. Please use for guidance and measure.

Dogs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so please make sure to measure your pet’s height for the best chance of an awesome fit.

The Frenchie model pictured, Gus Gus in the City, weighs 20 lbs and wears a size 3.

This patented costume allows for girth customization and leg length with 1-2 inches of adjustment. This front facing costume features an open back with lacing drawstrings for lightweight comfort, ventilation and to allow for a customizable fit. Tie the drawstrings in a bow like a shoelace and tuck under for a sleeker look.

This costume was designed in the USA and created by a woman owned small business.

Adjustable precision fit – Size 3 fits small to medium sized dogs such as Frenchies, Corgis, some smaller Poodle mixes and Terriers with a height of 17-19 inches at the top of the head (not the shoulder). Pandaloon’s patented design provides a customizable girth, adjustable leg length and hoodie to turn your pet into a hilarious “walking” teddy bear.
Quality craftsmanship with pet comfort in mind – Made of luxurious soft fabric, Pandaloon’s dog costumes are lightweight, feature an open back for cooling and customized adjustment. Your pup’s comfort and happiness should always be top priority!
Girth adjusts up to approximately 27 inches, face opening up to 7 inch diameter. Shoulder to shoulder width up to 8 inches. For small-medium dogs, typically under 20 lbs for light builds and under 35 lbs for muscular builds. Please measure as weight does not guarantee body size.
Front facing costumes create the hilarious walking teddy bear look from the front of your dog, not the back or top. Please note the back is like an expanded corset for maximum adjustability and comfort for dogs. Please refer to back photo and size charts.

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